Canadian Students

Les étudiants des autres provinces canadiennes devront démontrer l'atteinte des qualifications équivalentes à celles-ci du Québec.
In accordance with the Regulations on the College Education Regulations (RCER), to be admitted to a program leading to a college degree, you must meet the following three requirements.
Have a high school
diploma (DES)
The holder of DES who has not passed the following subjects will have to succeed activities upgrade for his college education:

  • language teaching 5th secondary;
  • second Language 5th Secondary ;;
  • mathematical 4th Secondary ;
  • physical Sciences 4th Secondary ;
  • history of Quebec and Canada of the 4th Secondary
However, a school may conditionally admit students who lack six units or less to obtain a high school diploma.
Students will commit to get them in his first college semester.
Hold a professional
diploma (DEP)
The holder of the DEP must also have passed the following subjects:
  • language of instruction in 5th secondary;
  • mscond Language 5th Secondary ;
  • mathematical 4th Secondary.
However, a college can conditionally admit the student who has passed two of the three subjects required in addition to the DEP and committed to complete the third subject during his first college semester. The student who got the DEP is also eligible for certain programs designated by the Minister. In this case, the student must meet certain conditions that have been established for each school based vocational training acquired secondary program.
Have another training that will
be evaluated by the college
A college may admit a person who has a training that it considers to be an equivalent. This is particularly true of those who have studied outside of Quebec.

A college may also admit a person who has training and experience as it deems sufficient.

The person will, however, have interrupted his studies full time for a cumulative period of at least 36 months.

The college may require him to succeed in activities upgrade for his college education.


For some college programs, we also require specific courses to have been taken successfully in high school (for example, courses in mathematics, physics or chemistry): these are special admission requirements..

  • 243.BA Electronic Technology : Telecommunication
  • 243.C0 Industrial electronics technology
  • Mathematics 436 and Physical Sc. 436 or TS or SN 4e ET STE or SE 4e
  • 420.A0 IT Techniques
  • Mathematics 526 TS or SN 5e
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