Mission and Educational Project

Mission of the Institute Teccart

Founded in 1945, and declared of public interest, the Institute Teccart

  • is a private technical college of college-level whose primary mission is to train a generation of competent people, capable of meeting the demands of the labor market and the pre-entry programs of colleges and universities;
  • it offers a variety of training and developing learning techniques adapted to the various characteristics of its students clients that the following values and principles underpinning:
    • continuous improvement of the quality of educational services;
    • the integrity of the business process;
    • rigorous process of certification of studies;
    • looking for sound management in its relations with its partners and its staff;
    • continuous updating of various technologies based on the recommendations of advisory committees representing different workplaces;
  • • it emphasizes the personal and social development of its students in a spirit of openness, dialogue and global cooperation.
The Teccart Institute is a learning and development location where the universal rights and freedoms are respected. Open to the world, without elitist vision and admission to a high level of excellence of its graduates the Institute Teccart is a college of choice, both in terms of technology and of design.

Educational project

An educational project focused on the realities of today.

Through its educational project the College agrees to form qualified
people that is grounded in competence and autonomy.

The desired competence is based on the following main areas:

  • The development among students of three versions of competence: knowledge, expertise and know-how.
  • Training that ensures the development of sustainable and transferable skills.
  • Achieving expertise through sticky laboratories as possible to reality, laboratory projects and practical exercises.
  • A specialization that connects students with tech elements used in advanced techniques in the world of work today.
  • A strong and organized training around different technical general education.

The autonomy of the students gradually builds during training.

  • At the beginning of training, the College provides educational support to students. This framework uses a tenure system whose dynamics allows custom actions between teachers and students.
  • In the end, the College promotes student autonomy through synthesis activities of end of studies and may take the form of internships or projects.
  • The assistance centers in all disciplines are offered to students. The staff at the Teccart Institute is committed and available.
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